Monday, 22 December 2014

2014 Best & Worst

Hey folks, another year nearly at end already! Here is my list of best and worst in 2014. 
Hope you enjoy and feel free to share with me what you loved and hated!

The Best

Guardians of The Galaxy
Stunning cast which propells Chris Pratt to go on to do great things. It is hilarious, heartfelt and has a tremendous eye for detail. Killer action sequences, fast pacing and a smooth soundtrack make it the greatest Marvel movie ever made. My film of the year 2014!

How to Train Your Dragon 2
A visual treat for the eyes and successfully expands on everything that made the original film great. Also a surprisingly more emotional tale than the first film installment and a great watch for children and adults alike.

Blue Ruin
A harrowing and realistic portrayal of one man's quest for vengeance. This film hit me hard and had me pondering it's outcome for days after, an eye opening film that proves revenge is never a straight path.

A true hidden gem and my favourite horror of this year. Zombeavers pays homage to old school horror whilst keeping one foot firmly in the present. Its laugh out loud funny as well as having some great one liners and gross out practical effects.
'We were just looking for beavers' 'Well hell, ain't we all!?'

The Lego Movie
The Lego Movie was a breath of fresh air, original, beautifully animated and it delivered a great message. With a cast this huge, it warrants at least a second watch to make sure you don't miss any of the little side jokes and various goings on in the background. Everything is indeed awesome.

The final feature film I watched in 2014 and I am pleased to say I ended on a high note. Jake G gave a truly gripping performance and I was on the edge of my seat through out the whole thing! The true strength of this film is in it's unpredictability, as an audience you are always questioning the morality of the characters and leaves you anticipating just what they will do next.

The Edge Of Tomorrow
I never thought a film entirely based on repetition could be so exciting. Heart stopping action sequences, well designed villains and strong main leads provided by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt make this a trip down memory lane not to be missed.

Under The Skin
I went into Under The Skin expecting it to be pretentious artsy twoddle, how wrong I was! What we have here is an extremely well crafted and beautifully thought out film that challenges the viewer to make up their own theories, conclusions and figure out exactly what lurks under Johansson's skin...

The Worst

Life After Beth
A horrible mess of a film that mistakes cocky sarcasm as humor and wit. It fails as a horror, a comedy and across the board.

The Babadook
Pretentious drivel at its finest here. The Babadook is a slow, boring slog of horror film with a rubbish anti climatic payoff. Throw in really long scenes of nothingness, characters so forced its painful to watch and horrible child acting and you've got a stinker. 'Babaaaa dull dull dull'

Xmen Days of Future Past
A good chance to make the Xmen cool again was sqaundered here, as it descended yet again into 'the Wolverine show' I felt all hope was lost for the franchise. Maybe next time eh?

300 Rise of an Empire
The sequel to a film highly praised in it's time, now reduced to nothing more than an internet meme. This is a film none of us wanted or even needed. Tons of sub par cgi gore and set pieces, unmemorable characters and awkward pointless nudity. Huge action sequences have never looked so bland, if this film were a colour it would be beige. 

A Walk Among The Tombstones
Neeson fails yet again in another unispired moody police story. Takes itself far too seriously, mind numbingly too long, massive plot holes and ridiculous dialogue. A stroll through an actual graveyard would be more enjoyable that witnessing this mess again.

The definition of trying too hard. Wolfcop is a pathetic atttemp at caputring the feel of b-movie/grindhouse cinema. With character development so eratic it makes your head spin, rubbish gore, forced humour and a yawn worthy pay off. Avoid this infantile trash like the plague.

VHS Viral
A disgrace to the genre and fans of a great series. Every segment in this anthology is tasteless and uninteresting. The wrap around plot makes absolutely no sense, the entire feel of the quality is so low it makes the other 2 films feel completely detached. What could have been a fresh trilogy is now tainted by this stain on horror cinema.

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