Monday, 26 October 2015

10 films to watch this Halloween

With the spookiest time of the year approaching I thought I would compile a short list of horror films to keep you scared this year. This list is in no particular order and I have picked films I feel are appropriate for horror lovers and the casual viewer alike.
Enjoy and feel free to share with me your scariest film!

1. Evil Dead 2013
I chose 2013's remake of the classic Evil Dead because I feel it keeps the key components of the original, whilst bringing the tale bang up to date. You wont find any corny one liners and goofy acting here, just awesome splatter effects and nail biting tension. A brisk pace and gore galore make it a superb popcorn flick.

2. Laid To Rest
A straight forward but stylishly executed slasher film. The character of Chromeskull easily stands among the greats in terms of a memorable villain. This film also features one of my all time favourite death scenes in any horror film, can you guess which?

3. Jennifer's Body
Megan Fox as a cheerleader possessed by the spirit of a Succubus and only Amanda Seyfried in thick rimmed glasses can stop her! I am still adamant this will be a cult classic in a few years!

4. Macabre (2009 Indonesian)
A nail-bitingly tense horror which steadily descends into absolute carnage. 2 newly weds and 3 of their friends are pitted against a house full of sadistic killers when they offer the wrong girl a lift home.

5. The Uninvited
A much more simple take on the classic Japanese film A Tale of Two Sisters. This is a great mystery with a really well executed 'who done it' theme. Emily Browning and Elizabeth Banks provide the Hollywood names in this larger budget remake.

6. REC.
A brilliant jumping on point for the found footage side of horror films. A television reporter and cameraman follow emergency workers into an apartment building and quickly discovers the terrors within. REC builds tension nicely and has some genuinely heart pounding moments, I guarantee the final act will have you peering through your fingers!

7. Wrong Turn
Fantastic slasher romp centred around teens in the wood being pursued by bloodthirsty cannibals. Solid scares, good action and practical effects makes this film a real all rounder.

8. The Descent
A great British horror film! The Descent is smart, gritty and extremely claustrophobic. This one will leave you holding your breath and wondering what really lies within our countries cave system.

9. The Loved Ones
Hilarious but also really unsettling Aussie masterpiece! When Brent turns down his classmate Lola's invitation to prom, she wildly concocts a brutal plan for revenge.

10. Ginger Snaps
A film really close to my heart, Ginger Snaps deals with family, adolescence and the horror that is growing up. Wrap all these up in a gothic/werewolf/fantasy theme and you've got a real gem here!

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