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Review: Jurassic World

2015 Chris Pratt, Judy Greer, Irrfan Khan

Jurassic World follows on about 20 years after the events of Jurassic park. The dinosaur tourist industry has reached huge success and Jurassic World is a prehistoric Disneyland built on a remote island.
Now I am not on of those people who puts the original Jurassic Park on a pedestal, I enjoyed it and I still enjoy it to this day but I don't consider it one of the greats. People have commented about how Jurassic World is the 'true sequel' to the original film. I am now going to delve into why I think these people are completely inane....

The original film had a mix of suspense and action sequences in fairly equal measure. Jurassic World throws this out the window in favour of 'whizz bang' action sequences every 15 minutes. There is only a handful of ways you can show army men getting eaten whole by dinosaurs, so after about 10 times it just becomes repetitive. We have to have the inevitable children in danger sequence and we get this in the form of THE most annoying child actors iv seen in recent years being trapped in a hamster ball while the Idominus Rex tries to swallow it whole. I forgot to mention that the Idominus Rex is meant to be the smartest dinosaur of all time yet still tries to eat something bigger than it's own head.
The 'final showdown' was a lack luster event and a had such a ridiculous cop-out ending it made me want to put my head in my hands. They could have salvaged the rest of the film with a really good final battle but I just found myself checking my watch and rolling my eyes.

The acting for a summer blockbuster I thought was well below par. Chris Pratt nailed his role as a funny, witty but sensitive dinosaur wrangler. The child actors who i wont even name because their careers are already over were just so gormless, flat and irritating that I was just waiting for them to get eaten by something, anything!? Judy Greer played the stereo typical business obsessed woman who eventually lets her hair down and gets seduced by the hero but to be honest any female actor could have played the same role with ease. The rest of the cast were limited to cannon fodder and food for poorly cgi animated dinosaurs.

But above all these gripes the main thing that angered me most was the sheer volume of unanswered plot lines, it was to the point of sillyness.
1. The children discuss their parent's suspected divorce in what is meant to be an 'emotional scene' this subject is never mentioned or touched on again.

2.The oldest of the children says goodbye to his girlfriend before he visits the park. He is constantly eyeing up other girls and we suspect he intends to cheat. He never does but we never see him get home or hear from his girlfriend again.

3.Chris Pratt's character communicates with the raptors using a clever system of hand gestures and a clicker that mimics the raptor vocal calls. This really cool method is completely abandoned in the final battle when he just has to give a teary eyed nod to them in order to get them to attack/move.There are so many more moments like this it just completely pulls you out of the film and leaves you scratching your head when the conclusions never arrive.

Im not going to stretch as far as to as i hated Jurassic World, but i just felt so cheated. There were some good points but they would make to difference if I mentioned them now.

Towards the end of the film there is a sequence where Judy Greer outruns a T Rex in high heels. What more do I need to say?

The Verdict

With uninspired action sequences, flat characters and plot holes galore Jurassic World is one attraction I will not be revisiting in a hurry.


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