Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Praise For Scream Queens

As a big horror fan and someone who felt massively let down by MTV's Scream TV series, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about another horror show hitting the small screen.
Scream Queens centres around an all girl fraternity called Kappa Kappa Tau (KKT for short) in which these girls are pursued and stalked by a mysterious killer wearing the College mascot's famous red devil costume.

I really didn't know what to expect going into the series but was immediately invested in what was a great opening episode. Emma Roberts did an incredible job of playing the queen bee on campus Chanel Oberlin, her dialogue and overly drawn out insults were an absolute treat to witness each week! The thing that really surprised me about the series is how characters appeared to fit in to stereotypical roles at first only to then be completely shattered by shock twist and brilliant script writing. Chanel Oberlin was a great character and I found myself rooting for her even when I probably shouldn't have, the series challenged your perception of certain character roles and I really respected that. Other note worthy roles are the brilliantly insane Chad Radwell and the sassy yet incompetent Denise Hemphill.

A real joy for any horror fan was the inclusion of legend Jamie Lee Curtis, as a staple of horror in the late seventies she bought the star factor to this new series. Her character of Dean Munsch was a perfect blend of sleek and mysterious but with a touch of menace.
There were a range of big names attached to this series including, Ariana Grande, Nick Jones and even Lea Michelle. None of these names appeared in fleeting roles, they were important characters in the story and it was great to see ex Disney star Nick Jones in such a dark role.

I originally thought the design of the killer (red devil costume) was pretty lackluster. I didnt like how platicy and shiny it looked, also the whole bulk of the outfit would be really im practical during chases. However overtime i grew used to it and the bulky design almost acted like body armour on a number of occasion as the killer came up against more worthy foes. I think the show did a great job of placing the killer in a certain locations and scenarios that really allowed a variety of weapons to be used. Gore hounds will definitely take something away from this series in terms of the body count!

I had been waiting for a show like Scream Queens to hit my screen for what seemed like forever and it was really a highlight of 2015. This is a show made by people who love horror and most importantly understand and respect the genre. It does a fantastic job of paying homage and inserting sneaky references here and there whilst being able to stand out among other shows. 
A rock solid cast, devilishly dark writing and a high a body count make this series not one to turn your back on!

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