Saturday, 2 January 2016

The best and worst of 2015

Its that time of year again, and I cant believe how the time flys! There have been some huge releases in cinema this year and i tried my best to catch as many of them as I could. It was a great year also for horror films and some indie gems. So here are my best and worst of 2015, feel free to share with me your own as I would love to here from you! All the best and happy new year :)

The Best

Cop Car
A fantastic gem of a film that centres around 2 small boys who come across an abandoned cop car and decide to steal it. A tense and nerve racking game of cat and mouse ensues between the boys and the crooked cop who owns the vehicle. The film is beautifully shot and relies on a small cast of talented actors, the best Kevin Bacon performance I feel of his entire career.

We Are Still Here
An extremely well made horror film by one of my favourite directors Ted Geoghegan. The film has a very 80's vibe but still manages to feel current in the way that it is shot. Geoghegan did not disappoint on his 3rd major film and the last 15 minute bloodbath was my horror highlight of the year!

Ex Machina
A thought provoking look at technology, artificial intelligence and the human/machine relationship. Ex Machina is often tense, sometimes dark but always beautifully filmed. Another film with a small but talented cast this is easily one of the best Sci-fi thillers in the last decade.

Mad Max; Fury Road

The surprise of the year for me, 3 loveable geeks are pulled into a circle of crime when their backpack is accidentally switched with one carrying drugs. Dope is heartfelt, funny and bang up to date. It features a stunning soundtrack and a truly memorable cast, I just 'recommend it enough.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
A film that is truly worth of all the praise that it has been given. Episode 7 in the saga is just a pure adventure with a fantastic eye for detail. The new characters were instantly likeable and worked well together as well as with older cast members. Kylo Ren was a well written villain and I laughed more through this film than I did through most of this year's comedies!

The Worst

The Visit
To me The Visit was a complete flop, completely devoid of any suspense, scares and humour this was just an empty husk of a film.

Inside Out
Now before you all start sharpening your pitch forks hear me out.....
Inside Out was by no means a a terrible film, however it earns it's spot on my list for being the most disappointing. This was prasied as Pixar's masterpiece but for a film centred around emotions, I just didnt care. I didn't invest myself in the characters, the jokes felt forced and Sadness is possibly the most annoying character I have seen on screen all year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stares across fields for 90 minutes and doesn't blow anything up. Pass. 

Jurassic World
Nothing more than a cash grab! The 4th entry in the series takes everything we loved form the original film (suspense, clever writing, practical effects) and throws then all away. We are now left with a CGI heavy, nonsensical mess draped with product placement. Jurassic World deserves to be extinct.

The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence
The most attention seeking, shameless piece of waste I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. This film felt like an insult to the genre and it's fans, a sad thing that such a vile film ever made it to our screens.

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